Fighting Poverty

The first step to relieving poverty for children in India and throughout the developing world is addressing the urgent need for food and clean water. By working directly with local and global agencies, the Sikka Foundation provides these life-sustaining necessities in the toughest and hardest affected regions of the world.

Ensuring Health

From polio to malaria, a child’s life in the developing world is constantly at risk due to these devastating – yet mostly preventable – diseases. By providing access to basic medical care and vaccinations, The Sikka Foundation works to help children across the globe achieve the optimal health and well-being they deserve.

Protecting The Future

Access to an education is a child’s greatest tool for long lasting and lifelong success. Through the funding of educational opportunities throughout India and the developing world, The Sikka Foundation works to break the cycle of poverty by giving children the opportunity to learn and prosper to their highest potential.